Lopes Mendes - Ilha Grande

It is one of the prettiest beaches of the whole Brazilian coast and the most famous of the Island.
Its an oceanic beach of approximately 3 km of white sand. In spite of the fact that the sea beats strong, it is very shallow. The transparency of the water is amazing, as well as its variation of tonalities.

The access is by boat or trail. It is ideal for surfing and is always visited by lovers of this sport. If you are a surfer, but you didn´t bring your equipment, it is possible to rent surfboards there. As soon as you exit the trail and enter the beach there is a guy renting surf equipment.

Well, this ends the serie of posts about Ilha Grande, I probably will post more stuff about the island, but from now you´ll also see here information about a lot of islands and beaches. I´m not sure yet of about which island(or beach) will be the next post... any suggestion? :D


Bruna said…
Oi Rodrigo, gostei do seu blog, resolvi comentar nessa foto pq amo Ilha Grande e Lopes Mendes é msm linda! Vi seu post no orkut na com summer sun..
Rodrigo Blogger said…
Obrigado pelo comentario, Ilha Grande é muito linda mesmo, eu chego a ter vontade de morar la por Angra pra ficar mais perto ainda de lá.
Mais uma vez, obrigado pelo comentario
Anonymous said…
Oi Rodrigo...achei teu blog hoje (por acaso). Queria mostrar o Brasil aos amigos daqui (moro nos USA) que estao planejando uma viajem pra la. Adorei teu bloig. GRANDE !
Federico said…
Beautiful photographs !
You can see more about ilha grande in:
Arrive at Ilha Grande
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