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Hi friends, I´ve been asked to post some information about scuba diving. Well, let´s start then: Brazil is a paradise for divers, it has more than 8000 km of coast just waiting to be explored. Plus we have more than 2000 shipwrecks along our coast, specially in Rio de Janeiro and Bahia.
Great places for scuba diving:
ILha Grande(RJ): We have more information about this islands in the previous posts. Anyway this island has excelent diving spots, in fact diving is one of the best things to do on the island. In fact there´s so many spots that I intend to make one post just for diving at Ilha Grande. Take a look at the best places to dive in Ilha Grande, they are many:
Arraial do Cabo (RJ): This a great place too, beautiful beaches, and wonderful diving spots, A navy ship of 1827 is a good thing to see when you´re diving there.
Fernando de Noronha (PE):This may be the best place in Brazil, to dive. In Fernando de Noronha two types of diving may be done: self-contained, with air tanks, and free dives (skin diving). Spear fishing is entirely prohibited. For self-contained divers there are 3 local firms which basically offer two services: Beginning Dives and Experienced Dives. Check this site: to see how to get to Fernando de Noronha. THIS MAY BE THE BEST PLACE IN BRAZIL, TO DIVE.
Salvador (BA): With clear and hot waters, Salvador is one the best places to dive in Brazil. It has many shipwrecks along the coast. Like a norwegian ship, and an english ship too.
Abrolhos: Located about 70 km from the coast the Archipelago of Abrolhos is a National Park compounded by five islands of volcanic origin. The water is warm and crystalline, varying between 24C and 28C degrees. The park hides great diversity of species of corals, some of them endemic
Some sites you can check for more information:
Ilha Grande:


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