Angra dos Reis

A quote about the place:
A member of the portuguese naval fleet that landed on Ilha Grande for the first time:

"Sometimes I felt The ecstasy of The flowers and trees' perfume so strong that I thought I had found paradise. And what I will say of The great number of birds, full of colors and their tunes, how many and how beautiful? I won't say more because I Know you will never believe me."

Angra has more than 350 islands and 2000 beaches. One of these islands is Ilha Grande(see the previous posts) considered one of the best places for adventurers, with its trails, waterfalls and deserted beaches, I forgot to tell about it in the post I made about Ilha Grande, but there´s also an old Prison there that is now a research facility for an university.

Botinas Islands - A famous diving spot:

There you´ll be able to see crystalline waters, and the mansions of the rich and famous, erected on private islands. But you don´t have to be rich to enjoy the beauty of this place, for example, to stay in Ilha Grande, camping, for 4 days, it would cost about U$45,00(bus from Rio de Janeiro + Ship to Ilha Grande + Camping + Ship back to Angra + bus back to Rio).

I will also place here a list of attractions that I found on the internet.


Boat Rides: The take off point for sea outings is the city of Angra dos Reis itself, on the mainland. There are private islands ostentating luxurious mansions, and others opened for visitation. In them, there are fine sand beaches of clear, calm waters, perfect for diving.

Contorno Road: Tour on the mainland that leads to several beaches, from the most popular, such as Praia Grande, to the calmest, such as Retiro Beach. The highlight goes to Tanguá Beach, and the historical buildings, such as Ermida do Bonfim ? erected in 1780 ? and the Naval College.

Islands: Angra has 365 islands. Some of them have won special highlight overtime, such as Porcos Island; Botinas Islands, which are the postal card of the region; Itanhangá Island, which has trails, climbing, canoeing and diving options; and Ilha Grande, the most famous of all.

Waterfalls: At Serra do Mar, there are many waterfalls and river rapids, among them, Bracuhy, Ariró, Branqueta and Capureta. All rich in natural beauty and filled with unique landscapes.

Beaches: On the mainland, next to the plants, is Brava beach, very much sought after by surfers; and Secreta beach, completely deserted. Close by is Mambucada, a historical villa that preserves old mansions which tell a little of the local history.

Diving: With many islands, wrecks and abundant marine life, the Angra Bay is one of the best diving points of the Southeast coast. In its clear waters, emerald green in color, visibility is good most of the year. There are many diving courses on location.

Well, this is it for now.

bye friends


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