Arraial do Cabo

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ARRAIAL - is a beautiful place, full of beaches with blue and green colored waters. Great diving spot, one of the bests in Brazil.
This is Praia do Forno, I made this photo on my last trip to Arraial.

In Arraial you will find dunes, reefs, ecological reserves, conserved Atlantic Forest, six-thousand-year-old sambaquis (hills made an accumulation of shells and other items from pre-historic inhabitants) and one of the most appropriate regions for fishing on the planet. The local people are welcoming and friendly, their hospitality will make your stay unforgettable.

At a distance of 171 km from Rio de Janeiro, it´s in the centre of an important tourist area, some of the cities in this area are: Armação de Búzios, Cabo Frio, Saquarema, Araruama and São Pedro da Aldeia. Very good places to visit.

The main places to practice diving are: Ilha dos Porcos, Ponta D?Água, Saco do Cordeiro and the Thetis shipwreck.

Some of the attractions in Arraial do Cabo:

Gruta Azul: A place of extreme natural beauty that can be admired during boat rides. It´s acessible on the low-tide.

Pontal do Atalaia: Great View, here you can see clear water, great beaches, some dunes and the Island of Cabo Frio. A very peaceful place.

Praia Grande: Beautiful beach 1,3 Km of extension, white sand and blue water. It´s great for all kinds of water sports.

The bests scuba diving spot at Arraial:

  1. Dona Paula
  2. Harlingen
  3. Gruta Azul & Thetis(Shipwreck)
  4. Gruta da Camarinha
  5. Maramúta
  6. Pedra Vermelha
  7. Anequim
  8. Ponta Leste
  9. Cardeiro
  10. Ilha dos Porcos
  11. Ponta da Jararaca
  12. Saco do Cherne

That´s it, if you need more information just leave a comment, I´ll be glad to help...

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