NEW YEAR´S EVE!!! (Reveillon) - Rio de Janeiro

Hi friends, I decided to make this post now, I know that we still have some months before New Year´s Eve, but the thing is, if you wait untill december to make your reservations, probably you won´t be able to do it. The city gets so crowded in the end of december, that all the good hotels may be full, so I suggest that if you intend to come here to enjoy our summer, try to make everything earlier, so you won´t have any problems, only fun :D

But now let´s go to the good part. New Year´s party in Brazil, is one of the most famous in the whole world, Copacabana beach receive around two millions watchers every year for the fireworks show.

There you´ll find all kind of people, and I really mean all kind, but the atmosphere is of peace and celebration.
If you don´t want to stay with the crowd during the fireworks, you can also rent an apartmen in front of the beach, you´ll have a beautiful view, and all the confort of the best hotels in Rio, like Copacabana Palace. Another thing you can do to escape from the crowd, is watch it from a boat, many people do this, not only to espace from the crowd, but also to have an even better view of the show.

And the party is not only about the fireworks, music is played throughout the day, but it really kicks off around 7pm when live act and DJs start up the sound systems on the official stages. Three stages are set up over a 4km stretch: there is a Brazilian popular music stage playing sambas, pagodes and choros, a rock stage and another playing older music such as boleros, samba-canção and old carnival songs.
There´s also parties everywhere in the city, including the Copacabana Palace, Excelsior, Le Méridian and the Sofitel Rio Palace. Tickets for these can be bought from most large travel agents. And smaller parties can be found in every bar, club, beach, in fact everywhere, at new year´s eve, Rio is a Big Party.

If you need more information people, just leave a message.

bye folks


santa mistura said…
cadê a prainhaaaaaaaaaaa?? ;))
Rodrigo Blogger said…
Qual prainha??? a de Arraial?

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