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Porto de Galinhas - Pernambuco

Hi people, today I´ll talk about Porto de Galinhas in the southern Pernambuco. It´s a great beach, one of the most famous in the northeastern part of Brazil. It´s situated in the city of Ipojuca at 70 Km from Recife.

The name Porto de Galinhas means, Chicken´s Port and it has an interesting history behind it. The original name was Porto Rico, but after the slave market was prohibited, slaves had to be brought secretly to Brazil, in this port the buyers and sellers started a code, when there were ships with slaves in the docks they would say "There´s new chicken in the port", and that´s how the city of Porto Rico, became Porto de Galinhas.

This is a wonderful region, with clear waters, natural pools, corals and reefs, also has a great infrastructure for the tourists, with restaurants from the whole world, nice hotels and a lot of entertainment.

During the day you can visit the famous beach of Porto de Galinhas, and also the nearby beaches of Muro Alto and Macaraípe(the place to be if you want to surf). If you don´t want to be swimming and sunbathing the whole day, you can always go to a ship or Buggy trip, this way you´ll be able to see the best spots of the region.

During the night you can go to "Villa de Todos os Santos" it´s a street in front of the Macaraípe Beach, full of restaurants and bars, great to meet someone while enjoying live music. And in Porto de Galinhas you´ll find also nice restaurants, plus a wide selection of handcraft stores.

So, this is it. I´ll place some videos here too, check it out if you want to know a little more about this place

This video is recorded at Maracaípe Beach, take a look to see how are the waves there.

This one is in Porto de Galinhas, it´s a ship trip. Enjoy it, and see ya in the next post.

Paraty - Rio de Janeiro

Today I´ll write about Paraty, a little town in the southern part of the state of Rio de Janeiro. A city with great things to see, and of course, islands and beaches to enjoy. Also it´s near others great tourism areas, like Angra dos Reis and Ilha Grande.

Nowadays this town is very famous as a tourism destination, one of the most visited places in the state, but Paraty is also an important city in the history of Brazil, it was in a route used for imprisoning native americas to work as slaves, also was the most important port for the exportation of gold to Portugal. But around 1710 the king of Portugal prohibited the miners to ship their production trough Paraty, this started the decay of the town, that in the XX century became a famous tourism spot.

But were these events that made Paraty become what it´s today, a historical sanctuary, and a Paradise for Eco-tourism, with great architecture, beautiful waterfalls and a perfect coast.

As soon as you get to Paraty you will probably see the Historical Center, the most famous part of Paraty, it´s a great sample of the architecture of the Colonial Period, so take a little time to see it, I´m sure you´ll like it.

But here´s what a lot of people don´t know, most tourists think that the best thing to do in Paraty is just to visit the Historical Center, that´s a huge mistake, this region is one of the most beautiful areas in the whole brazilian coastline and anyone that visit it should take a tour around the many great places of this paradise.

A good option is to take a boat tour, this way you´ll be able to see the beautiful beaches and islands of the Paraty´s Bay, plus you can dive in the calm and clear waters of the bay.

You can also sign in for a Jeep tour, this way you´ll visit the most famous spots of the region, like the Toboga waterfalls and the Golden Trail. And you also visit the place where they make the famous Cachaça or Pinga, Paraty is also known as the city of Cachaça.

During the night the Historical Center is the point, there you find shops to buy souvernirs, and also there´s always some kind of artistic exhibition. Maybe you want to enjoy live music in one of the bars and restaurants of the area, this is a great chance to meet others travellers like yourself.

Well, this is it people, I´ll be back soon with more updates.

Costa do Sauipe - Bahia

Hi folks, I´m back, and I think that this time of few updates per month is over. From now on I´ll post a lot more, and with better content too, I´ll even repeat some destinations because I want to make better posts about them. So this is it, now to what really matters, let´s talk about beaches...

Today´s post is about Costa do Sauípe, it´s the tourism complex with the best infrastructure in this whole country, even used to business meetings of the most importants companies in Brazil. Some even call it "The Cancun of Brazil". It has more than 8 km of beaches with white sand and crystaline waters.

It´s the perfect place if you want luxury with all the options that a city in the coast has to offer, from coconut water 'till all the kinds of watersports. And not only water sports, there you find almost every kind of sport that you want, like football(soccer), squash, tennis and golf(fields of international level).

Costa do Sauípe is only 76 km from Salvador, so a good idea while you are there is to visit Salvador, the most famous city in the northeast of Brazil with famous beaches like Praia do Forte, and intense nightlife.

But if you don´t want to leave to Salvador, there´s no problem Costa do Sauípe has also a good night life, not as intense as in the capital of Bahia, but some people find it even better. The place to be during the night is Vila Nova da Praia, is a little village full of entertaiment. There you´ll be able to buy all kinds of stuff, like handcrafts, clothes, decoration, jewerly. Also it´s famous for it´s restaurants, with food from all over the world, and has some typical food if you want to taste the flavours from Bahia. Here´s a aerial view of Vila Nova:

After a day of beaches and shopping the best option is to sit at one of the bars in Vila Nova and listen to a good live music while you enjoy a drink or two chatting with friends or your wife. And if you don´t have a husband or wife don´t worry, it´s a easy place to meet someone.

This is it, to get to Costa do Sauípe you need to fly to Salvador, as you get there you´ll find in the airport, people that do transfers and resarvations to Sauípe.

Bye folks, and ´till next post.

Fernando de Noronha - II

Hi folks, just a little more pics of paradise.

Here you can see the "Morro do Pico", it´s that rock on the back.

And here you´ll see a lot of dolphins in Dolphin´s Bay

Here we have a view of Sancho´s Beach. Another great beach in this paradise.

Well, this is it friends, ´till next post.