Tibau do Sul - Rio Grande do Norte

Tibau do Sul is all about tranquility, peace and of course, beautiful sites to see, the city is mainly remembered because of it´s most famous district, Praia de Pipa, but there´s much more to enjoy in this beautiful place. Horseback riding, kite surfing, flyingboats, these are just some of the things you can do here that will help you to appreciate even more those beautiful landscapes.

What to see: Well, mainly, you´ll see beaches, and beautiful ones. Here´s some of them:
  •  Tibau do Sul: It´s a simple place, the kind of place to take your family, or some friends and relax, eat something, get a drink.

  • Guaraíras Lagoon(Lagoa de Guaraíras): There´s a lot to see here, mangroves, shrimp farms, the fishmen doing their business, and you can even watch dolphins in the high tide. Also, everyone says here is the best spot to watch the sunset in Tibau do Sul.

  • Praia do Giz e da Bóia: Deserted beaches, good for surfing, horseback riding, or even a simple walk.

How to get there: By plane, you need to fly to Natal-RN(Augusto Severo Airport), then take a bus, or a taxi, and 75km later you´ll be at Tibau do Sul. The price of the cab ride is around R$80,00.
To take a bus you´ll need to get to the bus station(Rodoviaria), the adress is:

Rodoviária de Natal - RN
Adress :
Avenida Capitão Mauro Gouveia, 1237
Tel :
(84) 3232 - 7310 and 3232 - 7311
Tibau do Sul most famous beach is called Praia de Pipa, a wonderful place, so beautiful that I think it deserves a post just about it, thats why I didn´t say anything about Pipa on this one. But don´t worry, I´ll tell you all about it soon enough.


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