Best Beaches in Brazil - TOP 10

Brazil is famous for it´s beaches. Some of the most famous in the world like Copacabana or Ipanema.
But the most famous are not necessarily the best. So check this list with the best beaches in this amazing country.

TOP 10 Best Brazilian Beaches:

  • 10 - Praia do Frances - AL
One of the most famous beach in the state of Alagoas, Praia do Frances is a true wonder. With blue and green water, and a reef barrier protecting it in the left side, this landscape surely will amaze you

On the left side(the reef´s side), there are pools between the beach and the barrier. This is the perfect spot for families and people who want to relax on the dozens of beach huts along the sand. There are places to order food and drinks. May be a bit crowded on this side though..

On the right side(the one without the reef), there are big waves, and its the spot for the surfers, since the crowd is on the other side, if you are looking for some peace and quiet, this is the place for you.

  • 9 - Taipu de Fora - BA
With over 7 kms of extension and coconut trees all around, this beautiful beach is famous for it´s natural pools formed by the reefs. Full of fishes and with crystal clear water, this is the perfect place for snorkeling. Just make sure you are going there when the tide is low, this way you will enjoy a better view of the reefs.

While there, don´t forget to visit the Lagoa Azul(Blue Lagoon) and Morro do Farol, two great tourist attractions in the area.


  • 8 - Lagoinha do Leste -SC
This secluded beach on Santa Catarina´s Islands is considered by many the best beach in Florianopolis, and that´s saying a lot. You will need to walk a bit to get there, there´s a trail that will get you there in about 1 hour, but it´s surely worth the trip.

Surrounded by hills and native vegetation, the place looks like paradise on earth. Since there is no way to access the beach by car, this place is always peaceful and you wont be bothered by a crowd like in most of the other beaches in the city. The little lagoon(Lagoinha) that meets the sea gives the game to this wonderful beach.

  • 7 - Bonete - SP
Another secluded paradise, there are no roads to get there, only a 15km trail, this means that if you don´t want to pay a boat to get there, you will have a long walk ahead of you. But that´s not exactly a downside, if you are into trekking.

There are 2 camping sites in the beach, you must pay a fee to use them, there are also lodges, nothing too expensive. You intend to spend a few days living in touch with the nature, camping, surfing and not spending too much money, this place is perfect for you.

  • 6 - Praia de Jericoacoara - CE
The small fishermen village of Jericoacoara has become in a few decades one of the top tourist destinations in Brazil. About 20 years ago, there were no roads, no electricity and most of the trades included no money, just products. But nowadays the city has a great infrastructure without losing it´s small village feel.

The village is surrounded by dunes and fresh water lagoons, providing one of the best landscapes in northeastern Brazil.The beach has good waves and good winds, perfect for water sports, like windsurfing. And after the sunset the village gets a crowd of people looking for fun, bars, live music and places to dance the Forro(brazilian dance) entertain the tourists through the night.

  • 5 - Praia da Pipa - RN
Praia de Pipa is a district of  Tibau do Sul, but it has become much more famous than Tibau in the last decades. At first Pipa was a fishermen village, then after the seventies the beach started to receive a lot of surfers, and later, tourists who finally discovered the beauties of this paradise.

Pipa is great for almost every kind of water activity, like kitesurfing, kayak, swimming with dolphins and sea turtles, and of course, a lot of waves for surfers too. Besides that, the nightlife is supposed to be the best in the whole state, with nightclubs playing reggae and forro all night long.

  • 4 - Praia do Espelho - BA
Surrounded by cliffs, natural pools, rivers and with a nearby village, this place has one of the most interesting landscapes in this list. Because all of that, it´s one of the best beaches in Brazil.
With it´s blue and green calm waters it´s the perfect spot to rest with your family.

You will find a lot of hotels and lodges to choose. But accommodations and food tend to be a bit expensive, so if you want to save some money try not to spend more than one day there. Although if you do have the money, a few days relaxing here would not be a waste.

  • 3 - Praia do Sancho(Fernando de Noronha) - PE
Fernando de Noronha has 2 beaches in the top 10. Of course that´s not a surprise, this islands is a paradise. Praia do Sancho, with its crystal clear waters and reefs, is one of the best spots for snorkeling in Brazil.
Theres a little trail to get there, but if you dont want to trek a bit, you could rent a boat to get there and enjoy this beautiful place.

If you visit Praia do Sancho, you must rent a snorkel and jump in the water, its really something you cant miss. If you are lucky you may spot a few turtles beside the fishes.

  • 2 - Lopes Mendes(Ilha Grande) - RJ
Ilha Grande may be the most beautiful place in the state of Rio de Janeiro, and that´s saying a lot. With almost a hundred beaches, there are a few that could be on this list. But the most famous certainly is Lopes Mendes, a huge beach, with good waves and one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world.

To get there you will need to rent a boat, or face the two and half hours trek from Vila de Abrão, the village where most people stay in the island.

Lopes Mendes is a paradise for surfers. When there are waves you can watch while they spend the whole day in the water and if you are a surfer youself, there are surfboards to rent, if you forget to bring your own

  • 1 - Baia dos Porcos(Fernand o de Noronha) - PE

The best beach in Brazil, had to be in the best island. Baia dos Porcos doesn't even look real, it looks like a place you cold only imagine. But it´s there, and it´s just amazing.

With just a 100 meters of extension and crystal clear waters this place has one of the most impressive landscape ever, with the two rocks(called "Dois Irmaos") in the background. And don´t forget to bring your snorkel to appreciate the beauty of those waters and volcanic rocks. 


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